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TGEU is looking for candidates for the Steering Committee and two Co-chairs

 Call for Nominations

TGEU is looking for candidates for the Steering Committee and two Co-chairs.

Please note that the deadline for the applications has been prolonged until September 5th, 00:00 CET. 

On the General Assembly to be held on Saturday September 8th a new Steering Committee and two Co-chairs will be elected for the next term (2012-2014). We are looking for candidates who would like to work in the Steering Committee or the Executive Board for the entire period (the Executive Board consists of the two Co-Chairs plus the Secretary and Treasurer. Secretary and Treasurer will be chosen by the elected Co-chairs from the Steering Committee members)



The Executive Board and the Steering Committee are governing the organization and contribute together with the newly hired staff to the day to day running of the organization. One key are of work in the coming term will be to establish the division of tasks and responsibilities between Board, Steering Committee and Staff. The work covered by Executive Board, Steering Committee and Staff ranges from administrative work, membership communications, website management to the drafting of TGEU's positions, event and conferences organization and to lobby the Institutions of the EU and the Council of Europe. TGEU actively cooperates with governmental (e.g. FRA, Gender Institute, EQUINET) and other non-governmental organizations (e.g. ILGA-Europe, Interights, European Women’s Lobby etc). This is a lot of work but certainly a lot of fun too, there is plenty to learn and do!
Below you will find a list of working areas with brief descriptions.
Candidates for either the Steering Committee or the Executive Board are expected to:
* have a good level of spoken and written English (does not have to be perfect, but enough to do all the work in English as this is our working language).
* awareness of one’s own time resources (ca 20h-40h/month, more for the Co-Chairs)
* work independently; ability to work in a team is a must (if you feel uncomfortable working in a team, TGEU offers plenty of possibility to work as associated volunteer)
* comfortable with standard internet-based communication (regular skype-meetings, google-groups, doodle etc.) or willingness to learn to work with these tools (support will be provided)
* have at least some experience in working with and for the trans community. Preferably you have been a trans activist on the national or international level
* the ability to travel abroad regularly for meetings and conferences.
Candidates for the Steering Committee of TGEU send their application to until September 5th, including a short letter of motivation (max 200 words):
* why you want to run for the Steering Committee,
* how you think you can contribute to the work of TGEU
* your background in trans activism.
All applications will be published prior to the General Assembly on our website. If you wish you can hand in a photo of yours as well.
Candidates for one of the two Co-Chair positions.
Please note that due to the changes of statutes for this term the two Co-Chairs will be elected directly and personally. Group applications can not be considered.
Candidates for one of the two Co-Chair positions send their application to until September 5th.
* why you want to run for the position of Co-Chair,
* how you think you can contribute to the work of TGEU
* the envisioned role as Co-Chair
* your background in trans activism.
All applications will be published prior to the General Assembly on our website. If you wish you can hand in a photo of yours as well.
Deadline for receiving nominations: September 5th. Though, applications can still be handed in at the Council itself, we strongly encourage to meet the set deadline to give other TGEU members time to familiarize themselves with the application. Please remember late applications will not be considered.
We are looking forward to receiving many qualified applications!
The Steering Committee of TGEU.
Description of the role of the Executive Board and the Steering Committee:
Executive Board / Co-Chairs:
The Co-Chairs and Vice-Chair are the highest representatives of TGEU, and responsible and (legally) accountable for all activities of TGEU. They appoint the Treasurer and Secretary from the elected members of the Steering Committee. Those four form the Executive Board.
The Executive board is responsible for all the finances of the organization. Together with the Executive Director they represent the organization officially.
The Secretary is responsible and accountable for the distribution of all documentation of TGEU's activities, including all meeting's minutes, contracts, written agreements and the membership data.
The Treasurer is responsible and accountable for TGEU's accounts. The Treasurer oversees the bookkeeping and the financial planning of the Executive Director ensures necessary financial procedures (audit) are kept.
All members of the Executive Board are members of the Steering Committee. The SC runs the organization and supports the Executive Board in its duties.
For more details please have a look at our Statutes.
Description of working areas:
For better illustration of the work currently undertaken by Steering Committee, Executive Board and Staff we have compiled a list of working areas. This list is not exhaustive and not set in stone. Though, most of fields are coordinated by one person, their accomplishment is teamwork, as well as involving other external volunteers, experts etc.
Organizational Development
Currently TGEU is transferring from a fully volunteer run organization to an organization that has staff. To develop working and decision procedures within the triangle Executive Board – Steering Committee – Staff will be one of the demanding tasks in the following two years.
Policy and Lobby Group
The policy and lobby group is a working group of Steering Committee members, staff and external volunteers. The group develops TGEU policies and standpoints. The group drafts papers and input that are then used in TGEU lobby efforts, in conference presentations and workshops.
Capacity Building and events
Assessment of needs of trans organizations and activists, development of suitable responses, includes special focus on countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Most of the actual organisational work will be handeled by staff and is part of the work that TGEU committed to in its funding applications.
European Institutions
Advocacy with relevant interlocutors at the European Union (European Parliament, Council of the EU, Council of Europe and associated organizations (INGO Conference, LGBT Intergroup)); in accordance with the policy goals. This work is lead and coordinated by the Executive Director and Staff.
International Relations (Outside Europe)
Liaison with partners outside Europe, information exchange, cooperation and mutual support with networks, organizations, institutions outside Europe, representation of TGEU in global networks and international conferences.
Development of TGEU-research projects and implementation; scientific reviewing and commenting on and quality control of materials by other organizations and institutions, TGEU is invited – or feels obliged to- comment on them.
Organizational Administration:
Membership administration and recruitment
Membership administration, recruits and welcomes new members, communication with membership.
Financial planning, project development (in line with policy goals and capacity building – see above), Investigating funding possibilities.
Public Relations/ Press
Regular informing the wider public and TGEU member-organisations by different means: the TGEU newsletter, press releases, postings on TGEU-website and facebook-site, information sharing on the TGEU info-list etc. Expansion of contact-database and development of media contacts.


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