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Other Ways to Get Involved


Information is Power!

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What else can you do?

Transgender Europe is run 100% on volunteer fuel. This means that members of the board or steering committee are all volunteers, devoting their free time, investing their private finances to get TGEU up and running. So far, TGEU does not receive any so called core funding for running the organisation. As you can imagine this is already a big chunk of work. With TGEU getting better known more people turn to us and thus the work load increases.

TGEU is depending on your support!

If you have an hour or so or you would be able to donate some of your skills even on a regular basis you are more than welcome! We are desperately looking for people helping us gathering information on trans, co-ordinating smaller projects, translating publications, newsletters etc. in their mother tongue, helping us with getting local contacts in their contacts etc etc etc.

If you are short on time yourself, you can always make a huge difference in giving us a donation. No amount is too small to matter!

Another way of supporting TGEU is being patient and understanding for times when we cannot respond to you immediately (thoughwe are always giving our best!). And hey, a nice word of appreciation from time to time in case you liked something TGEU did is also a great way of putting fuel back in the tanks!



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