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 Transgender Europe: Information about Membership
Transgender Europe has several types of membership. Before filing an online membership application, please read the following.

Regular (full) membership in Transgender Europe

This category of membership is available for individual persons for groups and organisations with trans* members. Individuals and organisations need be located within the geographical confines of Europe.
Group members are those organisations which support or give advice (for example, self-help groups), which are charitably or politically active for trans* people. Groups may have other other fields of work, but support for trans* people should be on of the principal activities.
Índividual members have active and passive voting rights. Group members nominate representatives to exercise active voting rights.

Supporting membership in Transgender Europe

Supporting members are those who aid or support the Association through regular or one time substantial contribution, service, interest or engagement.
Supporting members have no voting rights


Annual membership dues


                 Individual members

                                  Regular (full) membership                   25 euro
                                                                Supporting membership         at least  25 euro

                 Group members

            Membership dues for groups depend on the annual budget of the organisation.
                                                          under 2000 euro,         2000 to 10.000 euro,         above 10.000 euro
                  Full membership                           35 euro                           100 euro                         250 euro
                                    Supporting membership     at least 35 euro                at least 100 euro            at least 250 euro


Payment should be made to:
Transgender Europe
GLS Bank, Postfach 100829, 44708 Bochum, Germany
IBAN DE66 4306 0967 1153 7962 00  



 Application for Group Membership in Transgender Europe

 Application for Individual Membership in Transgender Europe

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