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Transrespect and Transphobia in Europe - event in Berlin

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Event: Transrespect and Transphobia in Europe

Berlin June 18th 11:00 am


TGEU call for EU year on gender-based violence


Malmo Transgender Council protests Oct 2010 foto Patrick Persson

TGEU calls upon  EU  Institutions to devote 2013 to the year on gender-based violence

Violence is an inevitable reality for many in the trans-community. An EU-wide research on transphobic hate crime found "that 79% of respondents had experienced some form of harassment in public ranging from transphobic comments to physical or sexual abuse.”[1]

A landmark treaty

The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe has adopted a historic convention on combating violence against women.

Maltese Court ignore European Human Rights Standards


Malta keeps on ignoring European Human Rights Standards

Transgender Europe meets EU Commissioner for Fundamental Rights



Commissioner Reding learns first-hand on trans experiences

On the occasion of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, the EU Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, Viviane Reding, met with LGBT people to learn first-hand about challenges experienced on the ground. Transgender Europe, represented by co-chair Richard Köhler, brought to the Commissioner's attention the difficulties many trans people experience on the job market; the high prevalence of violence and harrassment the community is facing as well as the inhumane barriers many EU member states impose for changing documents, such as sterility, divorce and mental diagnosis.

Transgender Europe: IDAHOT Press Release – 17th May, 2011

Trans Murder Monitoring unveils interactive map of more than 600 reported murders of trans people since 2008

EU Commission says it is important to support trans rights

EU Commissioner for Fundamental Rights Viviane Reding

EU Commission says it is important to support trans rights

 The EU Commission answered a written request from members of the European Parliament. In her response Commissioner Reding highlights the significance to take up issues transgender people are facing. 

Albania: House where five transgender people were living set on fire

 On 27 April 2011 five transgender people in Albania were put at risk because the house where they stood was set on fire by unknown persons.

IAAF requires athletes to strip genital history

On the 1st May 2011, the International Amateur Athletic Federation outlined new regulations governing the eligibility of athletes who have "undergone sex reassignment" to compete in women's competition (1) 

Ireland welcomes Equality Tribunal Decision on Transgender Case

Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) welcomes the Equality Tribunal’s decision in the Louise Hannon case to extend protections to transgender people.

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