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Designated EU Health Commissioner vows support to trans depathologization


Designated EU Health Commissioner commits to trans depathologization

265 Killings of Trans People in last 12 Months reveals TGEU's Trans Murder Monitoring project


265 killings of trans people in the last 12 months reveals TGEU’s Trans Murder Monitoring project  

Transgender Europe Media Release

November 14th 2012

In total, since January 2008 the murders of 1083 trans people have been reported

Divorce Requirement is Interference in Private Life says European Court for Human Rights

protest against requirement to divorce

Trans people and their families fear to loose rights like this Irish activist

Divorce Requirement is interference in Private Life says European Court for Human Rights

TGEU Steering Committee Meeting 21-22 October 2012, Dublin

TGEU Steering Committee meets in Dublin

TGEU Steering Committee and Staff Meeting in Dublin 

TGEU Steering Committee with members of Staff: Alecs Recher, Richard Köhler, Laura LePrince, Wiktor Dynarski, Kim Trau, Kristian Randelovic, Maria Sundin, Vreer Verkerke, Kemal Ordek, Julia Ehrt, Arja Voipio  (from left to right)

Diagnosing diversity is crazy - Trans people are sane


TGEU Media Release:

Diagnosing diversity is crazy - Trans people are sane

European Symposium Transgender at Work


Being Transgender at Work

European Symposium in Dodrecht

 25 & 26 October 2012 

Urkaine: homophobic bill comes forward

Ukrainian Parliament adopts homo- and transphobic law in 1st reading

Ukrainian LGBT activist attacked (summer 2012) Source:

Ukraine: homo- and transphobic law underway

MEDIA RELEASE by TGEU: Members of European Parliament call for trans and intersex inclusive Roadmap

TGEU demands mroe action from European Union on Trans Issues

MEP i Romeva, co-author Agius, TGEU Köhler (left to right)

Members of European Parliament call for  trans and intersex inclusive Roadmap

MEDIA RELEASE by Transgender Europe and Transgender Equality Network Ireland

 There is no safe space for Transgender People!

Delegates of the Fourth European Transgender Council in Dublin harassed in the streets at night 


Practicalities Council



TENI has put together this wonderful Guide for you to find the answers to all your questions on how to get to Dublin, checking in at Campus, what to bring and what to do and see in Dublin. Enjoy the read!

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