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Parliamentarians of the Council of Europe demand Action from Turkey to end transphobic Violence

PACE Members demand concrete Action from Turkish Government to stop Hate Crimes against Trans People

Council of Europe Parliamentarians Demand Concrete Action Against Transphobic Violence in Turkey

27 Members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe have condemned the on-going violence and discrimination against transgender persons in Turkey on Oct 2 2013. Referring to TGEU research data on killed trans people in the country the parliamentarians demand from the Turkish government concerted action to end these human rights violations.

Council of Europe adopts ground-breaking Resolution on Intersex Children

Council of Europe adopts groundbreaking Resolution on Intersex

Council of Europe adopts historic intersex-inclusive Resolution

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe addressed for the first time bodily integrity of intersex children by adopting the Resolution on Children's Right to Physical Integrity (1952 (2013)).

FRA Opinion on the situation of equality in the European Union

 FRA Opinion on the situation of Equality Directives in the EU

FRA Opinion on the situation of equality in the European Union 

 The Fundamental Rights Agency published on Oct 1 2013 an opinion on the situation of equality in the European Union. The publication also explores the state of affairs for trans people under EU Equality and show for example that trans people in general are not aware of available discrimination protection.

Trans Activists stop Police Harrassment in Thessaloniki

Trans Activists Stop Police Harrassment in Thessaloniki

Trans Activists stop Police Harrassment in Thessaloniki

Updates from the Greek Transgender Support Association on the situation in Thessaloniki

'Because of Who I Am' - Amnesty Report on Homophobia, Transphobia and Hate Crimes in Europe OF WHO I AM- HOMOPHOBIA, TRANSPHOBIA AND HATE CRIMES IN EUROPE.jpg

Amnesty International publishes Report on transphobic and homophobic Hate Crimes in Europe


Although the situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people has improved in recent years in some European countries, prejudice, discrimination and hate-motivated violence persist,

Budapest to be the host city for the next Transgender Council


See you soon in Budapest!







Dear members, friends and allies,


We are half a year before the 5th European Transgender Council Trans*: Safe and Equal! that will take place in Budapest on 1 – 4 May 2014. You are invited to join this festive occasion of more than 200 trans activists coming together from allover Europe and beyond. A packed conference program will offer you a range of panels, workshops, keynote speeches and opportunities to meet, exchange, learn and network.

Trans*: Safe and Equal!stands for a growing and confident trans community but also makes clear that the right to life and dignity need to be realized first for it to prosper. Together we want to explore better ways on how to protect trans people from violence and advance equality for all.

We will gather in the Rubin Hotel on the Buda side of Budapest. The great team of volunteers of Transvanilla will be waiting to make your stay as good as possible.

On Thursday evening there will be a meet & greet and from Friday the conference will burst loose. On Saturday afternoon traditionally the TGEU General Assembly takes place.

Next month we will issue calls for workshop holders and scholarships. In February, registration will open. Stay tuned for a reduced early-bird option and check regularly back for news on the Council website:

The Transgender Europe Steering Committee and TransVanilla are looking forward to welcoming you soon in Budapest!



Wiktor Dynarski                                          Krisztina Orban

(TGEU)                                                       (TransVanilla)

5th Transgender Council to be organized by TransVanilla 

Bosnia adopts trans-inclusive law on hate crimes

Bosnia i Herzegovina flag

Bosnia adopts trans-inclusive hate crime law

Bosnia i Herzegovina’s House of Representatives recently adopted hate crime legislation that is inclusive of gender identity and sexual orientation.

Global Convening on Trans Funding - Call for Nominations for Organizing Working Group

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Global Convening – Funding on Trans Issues 

Call for Nominations to Organizing Working Group

In December 2013, a global convening will bring funders working on trans issues, and those who may be interested in beginning such funding, together with representatives from trans groups, initiatives and programs from across the world, to learn about key priorities for the trans movement and share strategies for developing effective funding portfolios on trans issues.

Thessaloniki: Trans Women lay down in protest against their detention

Trans women protest against police harrassment

Thessaloniki: Trans Women lay down in protest against their detention

Police operations against transgender women have been continued in Thessaloniki since End of May.

TGEU Statement on Transgender Arrests to improve image of Thessaloniki

Greek Minister for Public Order Dendias

TGEU Statement: Transgender women detained to improve city image reveals Greek Minister. Crack-down in Thessaloniki must Stop Immediately!


Greek Minister Citizen Protection Dendias (photo) justified recent systematic police harassment of transgender women in Thessaloniki as an action to “improve the image” of city areas. In a reply to questions from three parliamentarians he wrote the aim of the “Special Operational Action Plan” is to “tackle, among others, prostitution and exploitation of the sexual life of socially and economically vulnerable individuals, to enhance citizens’ feeling of safety and to improve the image of the abovementioned areas”.
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