Our members

TGEU is a member-based organisation committed to fostering strong trans movements. We provide direct support to our members, and they define our strategy.

Our members are groups and individuals in Europe and Central Asia working for the rights and wellbeing of trans and non-binary people, including sex workers, trans refugees, and other further marginalised groups

Our members:

  • Drive our strategic vision
  • Elect our leadership
  • Join a network and gain access to shared resources.

We also work with members to advocate for trans rights at the local level.

Our members are vital to TGEU’s mission. They ensure we retain a community focus and represent the diverse needs of trans people.

Member organisations by country

We have more than 200 members in over 50 countries across Europe and Central Asia. In particular cases, some members are not listed to protect their safety and security. This is at their request.

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