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Ninth TGEU Trans Legal Net Meeting Explores Litigations Strategies To Improve Trans Rights at the EU Level

In June, TGEU’s Trans Legal Net met for its 9th session. The Trans Legal Net is a cross-border professional exchange platform. It aims to improve litigation strategies for pending or prospective cases on trans issues. The goal is to provide better legal protection for trans people.

The network enables real-time advice and enhances professional exchange across borders. The network meets annually for interpersonal exchange and a case clinic.

If you are a lawyer interested in the Trans Legal Net, please write to Richard Köhler at

What litigation strategies were discussed?

For the 9th session, around eight participants met to focus on strategic litigation with an EU lens. We had several informative sessions with experienced practitioners.

This was followed by a discussion on possible litigation strategies for participants to follow up on in their respective countries, particularly on:

  • Non-binary recognition
  • Free movement within the EU and its implications for legal gender recognition.

What were the sessions on?

The sessions helped participants:

  • Identify strategic cases
  • Understand how to litigate a case before the Court of Justice of the EU
  • Build strategies to ensure client wellbeing
  • Identify litigation avenues to improve free movement within the EU 
  • Improve victims’ rights
  • Understand the potential importance of the GDPR for trans rights.

These sessions were attended by participants from:

  • Belgium
  • Hungary
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Spain.

What’s next?

These sessions were used to identify which strategies could be applied directly by the participants in their region and current context. The final session produced concrete strategies for national cases that could be referred to the Court of Justice of the EU.

These cases are particularly important, as they will have broader implications for the entire EU.

If you are a lawyer interested in the Trans Legal Net, please write to Richard Köhler at