Trans Health Map

What trans-specific healthcare is available in your country? TGEU’s Trans Health Map explores the type and accessibility of trans healthcare in the EU.

Access to trans-specific healthcare varies wildly in the European Union (EU). It can be hard to find appointments or a respectful healthcare professional who listens to our needs.

Some countries still rely on out-dated, pathologised models that view trans identities as an illness. However, access to quality care is an important right for any person. TGEU is committed to ensuring that all trans people can easily access quality trans-specific healthcare.

This map is an important part of understanding the state of trans-specific healthcare.

What’s in this map?

The Trans Health Map shows the overall status of trans-specific healthcare in the 27 EU Member States. We look at six factors:

  • Type of trans-specific healthcare and coverage available in the country
  • Requirement for a psychiatric diagnosis before hormone treatment or surgery 
  • Wait time for a first appointment with a trans-specific healthcare professional
  • Groups excluded or made to wait longer to access trans-specific healthcare
  • Youngest age for puberty blockers
  • Youngest age for hormones.

Based on these six factors, each country is awarded a score. The maximum score is 12 (with two points available for each of the six categories). The scores are awarded based on expert interviews and publicly available documentation. 

What is trans-specific healthcare?

Trans-specific healthcare (TSHC) is a wide range of medical interventions that bring the primary and secondary sex characteristics of a person’s body into alignment with their internal self-perception. Common examples include:

  • Hormone therapies
  • Surgeries
  • Puberty blockers.

Trans-specific healthcare is also often referred to as gender-affirming healthcare.

How was this data collected?

This map was created using a survey of country experts and an in-depth analysis of publicly available documents. For each country, we rely on responses from one to three country experts familiar with the healthcare system. 

Information from country experts was verified by reviewing legal, governmental, and organisational reports and websites.

Trans Health Map 2022

trans health map

This map is an important part of understanding the state of trans-specific healthcare.


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