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Andorra Adopts First Gender Recognition Law

TGEU welcomes that the Parliament of Andorra has adopted its first law to regulate legal gender recognition. 

“Legal certainty is a right every person has, including trans people. We congratulate Andorra for having made this important law, catching up with time. At the same time we ask lawmakers to ensure the procedure conforms with Council of Europe standards”, comments Richard Köhler, TGEU Advocacy Director.

According to a news report, adults, emancipated minors, and children from age with consent of their legal guardians can access a court procedure. Applicants have to prove that they have lived according to their gender identity publicly and socially for at least two years.

The mandatory 2-year waiting period and the envisioned court procedure are not meeting European standards on legal gender recognition.

“Particularly for young people, it is hard to put their lives on hold. It prevents them from experiencing education, building a career and enjoying civil participation without discrimination. Having to be out without supporting identity documents invites harassment, violence and discrimination”, adds Köhler.

Most recent reforms in Europe have abolished the court procedure introducing simple administrative procedures.

“We call upon Andorra to ensure that its new procedure is quick, transparent, and accessible, and based on self-determination as requested by the Council of Europe”, concludes Köhler.