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Luxembourg Adopts Self-Determination Law

On 25 June 2018 the Chamber of Deputies voted with great majority for a law introducing legal gender recognition in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The law is based solely on the self-determination of the person. It introduces a simple administrative system by which an individual can adapt their officially registered name and gender marker.

The new law greatly simplifies a previously combersome and intransparent administrative practice. The lack of medical interventions, sterility, or other surgical interventions cannot be used to refuse an application.

The new law makes explicit reference to Resolution 2048(2015) of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe requesting “quick, transparent and accessible” procedures in legal gender recognition.

The law makes provisions for minors, foreigners residing in Luxembourg as well as for citizens living abroad.

TGEU wishes to congratulate all trans activists who have tiredlessly fought for this important achvievement.

Read the press release of Intersex & Transgender Luxembourg.