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Portugal Votes for Self-Determination

13 April 2018

Today, the Portuguese parliament voted for a reform that puts the country among a small few which base legal gender recognition on self-determination. The law also makes unnecessary surgeries on intersex infants illegal and opens legal gender recognition for those over 16 years old.

“TGEU welcomes this historic decision to base legal gender recognition on the only valid criteria there is: the word of the person concerned. It is long overdue that trans people are trusted to take decisions for themselves. Congratulations to the tireless efforts of those who worked hard for this victory.” Comments Richard Köhler, Transgender Europe Senior Policy Officer

“The last years have seen more efforts across Europe to update gender recognition procedures without going the full way. Quick, transparent, accessible procedures based on self-determination are not only standards as set by the Council of Europe, but also the best way to help those who need to adapt their papers to continue quickly with their lives. We ask other governments in Europe to follow Portugal’s leadership.” adds Köhler.

While there are still improvements to be made particularly regarding the role of psychiatry in access to gender reassignment treatment, the time is now to celebrate this important achievement.

Before the new law comes into effect it needs approval by the President and publication in the official state journal.

TGEU, together with the Council of Europe, ILGA-Europe, and OII Europe, had been supporting the legal reform in the last two years.