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TGEU, ILGA-Europe, and TLDP Submit Comments on Russian Trans Foster Care Case

TGEU, ILGA-Europe, and TLDP have submitted comments in the case Savinovskikh v Russia before the European Court of Human Rights. The case concerns a Russian trans man whose two foster children were removed from his home on account of his gender identity and transition.

The commenters addressed the following issues:

  • Section I presents information about transgender parenthood and research that dispels some of the flagrantly incorrect myths and preconceptions that surround it.
  • Section II describes broader international trends which contextualise the justifications invoked at the national level for restricting the applicant’s rights: historically, States have sought to restrict transgender parenthood and interfere with family relationships, based on heteronormative and transphobic assumptions and depathologisation of trans identities.
  • Section III examines national and international legal developments on the right to legal gender recognition, protection against discrimination based on gender identity, and protection of non-discrimination in relation to parenthood.