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Trans Migrant Black & People of Colour Alliance Conference

On 21 and 22 June, Trans United Europe is hosting the second Trans Migrant Black & People of Colour (BPOC) Alliance Conference in Barcelona, Spain, with the support of TGEU and as part of ILGA-Europe’s ‘Nobody Left Behind’ fund.

What is this conference?

Our key focus is straightforward: fighting for equal access to employment and safe labour for trans Black and People of Colour in Europe (TBPoC). The Trans Migrant BPOC Alliance will be both a political gathering and a celebration of the trans community. This Conference will be a crucial opportunity to strengthen dialogue, engage in advocacy work with decision-makers, and foster regional solidarity and strategic planning around the topic of employment and safe working conditions for TBPoC. We aim at creating a powerful, regional coalition; the starting point of a TBPoC network focusing on and led by activists on the trans female-femme-X spectrum and from migration and sex work backgrounds.

Why this Conference?

This conference comes at a critical time. Trans communities are – and will continue to be – disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 crisis: by the virus itself, by the lack of access to healthcare, and by the socio-economic and political consequences of the crisis. This impact is being felt most severely by trans people who are on the female-femme-X spectrum, homeless, unemployed, sex workers, refugees, or asylum seekers. Yet, while our communities are among those most impacted by the crisis, some governments are using the pandemic as an excuse for violating trans people’s human rights and living conditions. Accessing safe and stable employment and working conditions is a fundamental right under threat: trans people already experience widespread discrimination from their early lives and the COVID-19 pandemic has considerably worsened this dire situation. We won’t let that happen!

Who will join?

We will come together from far and wide: we will welcome activists, community leaders and stakeholders from across Europe and from both social justice movements and grassroots organisations, all are fighting violence and discrimination at the intersections of racism and anti-blackness, patriarchy and transphobia. Check their profiles and get to know their work here!

Why should I come?

Working for the liberation of people in the margins is key to the liberation of all. Building a strong and empowered TBPoC network is critical to our common fight for trans rights and wellbeing. Advocating for safe and stable employment and working conditions is a battleground within the wider human rights and dignity struggle for the trans community and. Hence, we believe that his fight should be led by and given priority to organisations well-rooted within their local trans communities, and especially those further marginalised.

Trans United Europe and TGEU invite you all warmly: mark your agenda, join us, and spread the word!

Find more information on Trans United Europe’s website and facebook page