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Violence and Discrimination Against LBTI Women in Sport

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has been drawing attention to gender-based violence and discrimination for many years. The Assembly is now working on a report titled “The fight for a level playing field – ending discrimination against women in the world of sport”, which will result in a resolution to be adopted by the Assembly in 2021.

EL*C, ILGA-Europe, OII Europe, and TGEU are working to prepare a short submission on the specific needs and struggles of LBTI women in sports, and are looking for input to this submission.

Those can be:

  • Focused at the local, regional, or national level, or presenting a full Council of Europe perspective.
  • Focused on LBTI women as a whole or on specific groups within the LBTI communities.

The format is informal, and can include individual testimonies, statistical data, or descriptions of situations and practices affecting these communities.

Please send your input by 31 January 2021.

The questions on your email address and inclusion of reference to you or your organisation in the survey are mandatory; all other questions may be skipped if you choose.