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Action Needed: Report Violence & Discrimination Against Trans People in and From Ukraine

All Ukrainians are affected by Russia’s full-scale military invasion. But it places marginalised populations, including trans people, at much higher risk.

There are many types of discrimination that are trans-specific. This ranges from martial law – aimed at keeping men aged 18 to 60 in the country – effectively preventing many trans people from leaving Ukraine, to higher instances of gendered violence. But, in general, the effects of war on trans people are poorly understood. This study seeks to remedy that, and reclaim these narratives, as it is by trans people, for trans people. 

Help TGEU track, understand, and combat violence and discrimination against trans people in and from Ukraine. We will use this data to advocate at the UN and EU level.

Get involved

You can share your own experience, or spread the word to help others get in touch!

Why does this data matter?

To provide better services and prevention, we first need to understand the problem. This survey will help us understand the types of violence trans people in and from Ukraine are experiencing. We will also know where this violence occurs, and what situations are the most dangerous.

With this information, we will advocate for better protection and support, especially focussed on the UN & EU level.

Second, because this project is trans-led, we hope to minimise the barriers that trans people face when reporting violence and discrimination.

How will this data be used?

This data will be anonymised and published as a report in 2024. We will use this report to understand what forms of violence and discrimination are most prevalent against trans people in and from Ukraine. This will be used to advocate for better protections in areas that are most needed.

How can you get involved?

Whether or not you make your own report, you can help us by sharing this study! 

Below, you will find a packet with visuals and information if you want to spread the word about this study through your own channels. This is especially important if you are involved in communities that have a large number of, or provide services to, trans people in and from Ukraine!

Who can report violence?

Any trans person who experienced violence or discrimination can make a report.

Additionally, any allies who have contact with a trans person who experienced discrimination or violence can make a report on that person’s behalf, with their consent.

What should you report?

We want to have a clear and holistic view. Please report any of the following instances if they occur to trans people in Ukraine, or trans people who fled Ukraine.

  • Physical or sexual violence
  • Psychological violence, i.e. bullying or harassment
  • Emotional violence, i.e. familial neglect, abusive partners
  • Systematic discrimination, i.e. denial of services, healthcare, education; issues at the border
  • Denial of asylum claims related to gender identity
  • Damage to property or hate speech, i.e. vandalism related to gender identity
  • War crimes, i.e. torture