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TGEU Co-Chairs Arja Voipio and Tina Orban Resign

TGEU’s co-chairs, Arja Voipio and Tina Orban, have resigned from their positions in TGEU.

Arja Voipio joined TGEU’s Steering Committee as Treasurer in 2012, and became Co-Chair in 2014. Arja was also elected as Co-Chair for 2016-2018. She has been active in the trans and LGBTI movements in Finland for a number of years.

Tina Orban joined TGEU’s Steering Committee in 2014 when they held the role of Treasurer. Since 2017 they held the role of Co-Chair. Tina continues to be active in fighting for trans rights on a local and national level in Hungary.

Arja’s and Tina’s expertise has been invaluable in many areas that TGEU has worked on in the last years and the Steering Committee of TGEU thank them for their commitment, leadership, and contributions to the organisation.

The Steering Committee of TGEU has elected acting co-chairs among the present members of the SC to fill the positions until the General Assembly in June 2018, when regular elections will happen.

The two co-chairs until the upcoming General Assembly in June are Ari Kajtezović, who has been serving as TGEU’s treasurer, and Clémence Zamora-Cruz from the Steering Committee. The TGEU treasurer until the General Assembly is Stein Wolff Frydenlund from the Steering Committee.