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Communications Toolkit: Campaigning for Trans Rights

Trans people live in a world where our rights and humanity are constantly under attack. This toolkit is a resource that takes trans organisations and activists through the starting points of developing good communication and campaigning skills to advocate for our rights. 

Why this publication?

All over the world, every single day, people are campaigning for things they believe in. Some of the biggest transformations we’ve seen throughout history have been brought about by passionate people working together. Campaigns can inspire people to take further action, in addition to helping them understand the depth of the problem—and this all adds up to real change.

Communication strategies are critical for movement building and have the potential to amplify trans people’s voices, shift attitudes, and connect our personal struggles in global solidarity. Getting that right is key, especially as our community faces a well-trained and well-financed anti-gender movement.

Although trans rights organisations and activists are increasingly using tools for communication and campaigning, most do not have the means to develop a strategy due to lack of funding and capacities.

What can I find in it?

What is a campaign strategy? What are the basic elements of a communication plan? How to develop inclusive and accessible messages? How to engage with the media?

This toolkit addresses communications strategies as well as tips and tools to support organisations and activists in campaigning for trans rights and social justice.

We hope that this toolkit will inspire powerful campaigns and further community strategies.