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The Transrespect Versus Transphobia Worldwide (TvT) Research Project

In the last six years TGEU’s TvT team managed to cooperate with 20 partner organisations and more than 80 activists in the global South and East, being guided by more than 25 experts and researchers from all world regions, and thus enabling TGEU and its partners to do ground-breaking research on the human rights situation of trans and gender variant people worldwide.

This ongoing comparative qualitative-quantitative research is first and foremost grounded in and serves gender-diverse/trans people’s movements and activisms. The project seeks to provide an overview of the human-rights situation of trans and gender variant persons in different parts of the world and to develop useful data and advocacy tools for international institutions, human-rights organisations, the trans movement and the general public.

The complex research includes several sub-projects.

The first is the Trans Murder Monitoring (TMM), a systematic collection, monitoring and analysis of reported killings of gender-variant/trans people worldwide. Between 2008 and 2014, 1,612 reported killings of gender-diverse/trans people in 62 countries have been documented, including 90 in 13 European countries.

The second sub-project is the Legal and Social Mapping, which provides an overview of existing laws, law proposals, and actual legal and health-care practices as well as diverse aspects of the social situation relevant to gender-variant/trans people. It currently comprises 118 countries in six world regions including all 49 European countries.

The TvT research report from 2012 presents, discusses and contextualises the key findings of these two sub-projects and provides a polyvocal account of some of the major challenges and achievements of gender-variant/trans people and movements in the twenty-first century.

The third sub-project is a Survey on the Social Experiences of Trans and Gender Variant People, which addresses experiences of both Transphobia and Transrespect and has been developed and conducted in 2012 together with our partners in India, the Philippines, Serbia, Tonga, Turkey and Venezuela. In 2014 the research was extended to and conducted in Thailand – together with our partner organisation Thai TGA. The results will be published in a comparative study in 2015. Having the format of peer research that aims to combine research with empowerment, it lays the ground for future TvT research and further regional and transnational collaborations as the example of Thai TGA demonstrates.

The TvT research project is work in progress. The data collected compiled and updated periodically.

Please find more information on the project’s website.