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Trans Day of Visibility – Hands up to the 1st Balkan Trans Intersex March!

Trans Day of Visibility – Hands up to the 1st Balkan Trans Intersex march

Every year on March, 31st the trans community is celebrating the Transgender Day of Visibility – TdoV. This year, we are proud and thrilled to bring to the front the 1st Balkan Trans Intersex march organised by our members Trans Net Balkan, Trans Aids and Spektra in Zagreb.

Threatened and at risk by the growing right wing presence, TGEU decided to support the safety of trans people. Through the help of different organisations and institutions, including the Human Rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe, the LGBTI Intergroup at the European Parliamant, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, reaching out has pushed the Croatian Interior Minister to commit to ensuring a safe and enabling environment for the upcoming march.

The march will close the 5th Transposium, which gathers every year more than 60 local trans and gender diverse activists from the Balkans.

10 Demands

The March’s manifesto compiles 10 demands to fight for a society in which every person is free from oppression and marginalisation. Visibility of the most underrepresented groups is at the core of this march: women, trans persons, Roma communities, migrants, people of color, sex workers, and many other.

Support them

  • Donate, share and give what you can.
  • Follow the march live on the Facebook event and share it on your social media.
  • Share their manifesto and spread the word.