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Trans Rights Are Human Rights: Dismantling Misconceptions About Gender, Gender Identity & the Human Rights of Trans People

TGEU, ILGA Europe, and GATE publish a report on how to counter common anti-trans narratives.

Key message

This publication provides messaging to respond to some common narratives fuelling anti-trans movements. It is especially useful to combat anti-trans narratives used to justify the rollback the rights of trans people. These arguments focus primarily on the fundamental opposition between trans rights and the rights of women and children. They are misleading and deliberately based on falsehoods or half-truths.

Why this report on how to counter anti-trans narratives?

The information and speaking points included in this publication are being used extensively by trans activists in Europe. They are essential to their efforts to combat anti-trans narratives and actors.

Who is this report for?

It is designed for policymakers seeking to improve their ability to argue in favour of the human rights of trans people. It also includes key points for activists who work with policymakers.