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Solidarity With Ukraine After One Year of Russia’s Invasion

Statement of Solidarity with the LGBTQI+ Community in Ukraine on the One-Year Anniversary of Russia’s Invasion

On 24 February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Today we commemorate the year of resilience and bravery of the Ukrainian people fighting against this aggression, supporting their communities, and surviving the biggest humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War II.

This war has brought profound challenges to Ukraine, including to the LGBTQI community, which remains one of the most marginalised social groups in the country. We praise the efforts of our partners in Ukraine – LGBTQI organisations and activists who are united today in providing humanitarian support for those who suffer from discrimination, exclusion, and economic hardship due to the invasion.

As international and regional human rights and LGBTQI advocacy organisations, we are in solidarity with the Ukrainian LGBTQI community and wish to uplift the strength and resilience shown by so many queer organisations and individuals in the face of war. At the start of the invasion, LGBTQI activists in Ukraine immediately began establishing shelters for community members, arranging transportation for those fleeing occupied territories and losing their homes, and providing material support for those who need food, medications, clothes, and other such needed supplies.

In addition to recognising the incredible humanitarian efforts that Ukrainian LGBTQI organisations and communities have undertaken, we also wish to highlight and support the advocacy efforts being undertaken to achieve equal rights for all LGBTIQ citizens—legal recognition of partnerships and parenthood, protection against hate crime, legal gender recognition, and the right to be free of discrimination in all spheres of life. We honour and support all Ukrainian queer activists who continue to fight for civil partnerships for same-sex couples despite the complicated political situation and all the challenges that the Russian invasion brings to Ukraine. We strongly believe that LGBTIQ Ukrainians must have equal rights now, and we urge Ukrainian politicians to work on these critical pieces of legislation.

On this one-year anniversary of the unjust invasion of Ukraine, we see how much the Ukrainian LGBTQI community has accomplished. During this very difficult year, the community has helped thousands of people survive, while also strengthening the movement and maintaining its visibility. Yet, the fight is not over. We are so proud of our queer partners, friends, and colleagues in Ukraine and pledge to continue our support for as long as necessary during this unprecedented time. We remain united in solidarity with Ukraine and call on all communities all over the world to continue supporting their brothers, sisters, and non-binary siblings in the country as they continue the struggle.


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