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Trans Advocacy Week 2024

United Nations Trans Advocacy Week (UN TAW) is a collective project by non-governmental organisations, offering trans activists a platform to make their voices heard on a global scale and in international human rights spaces. It’s a chance to bring attention to the challenges and discrimination faced by trans and gender-diverse people and to promote equality, acceptance, and understanding.

By bringing trans people into UN spaces, we challenge cisheteronormativity and remind UN actors that we exist and deserve equal rights. As well as supporting trans activists from around the world to speak on our rights, we strengthen their skills in areas such as campaigning, advocacy and using UN Human Rights mechanisms.

Since 2017, UN Trans Advocacy Week has been bringing trans and gender-diverse human rights defenders to Geneva, Switzerland to take part in the UN Human Rights Council during the June/July session. Sixteen trans activists will participate in UN TAW 2024, with TGEU supporting three activists from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine.

What is the UN Human Rights Council?

The Council is made up of representatives from 47 member countries responsible for promoting and protecting all human rights worldwide. These representatives meet regularly to discuss various topics related to human rights, such as freedom of speech, the right to education, and equality for all people. 

Find out more information on ILGA World’s website and the UN Human Rights Council (OHCHR) website.

Why is Trans Advocacy Week important for the trans movement?

Trans Advocacy Week is about helping participants improve their understanding of international advocacy mechanisms. It provides a fundamental opportunity for trans and gender-diverse community leaders to engage in international advocacy, delves into ways human rights defenders can engage with UN Treaty Bodies and Special Procedures, and interact with senior UN officials and Special Procedures mandate holders.

Attendees are supported in enhancing their understanding of international advocacy mechanisms and identifying ways to strengthen their local advocacy through engaging and interacting with relevant UN bodies and mechanisms.

Who’s participating in Trans Advocacy Week?

In June 2024, we will bring 16 participants from all regions of the world to the 56th Human Rights Council in Geneva. 

UN TAW 2024 is being co-organised by: